The Burnisher aka the Pine Brush

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The Burnisher aka the Pine Brush

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There is no better tool for working with wax than this brush. If you are trying to achieve a high, hard luster with the European hard finish waxes like Briwax, Lustra and Classic this is the tool to do it with. Not only is it a real time and labor saver, but it does bring the wax to a higher and harder luster than can usually be achieved by hand.

The Tampico bristles push deep into recesses of carvings and moldings, and also deep into the pores of an open surface, which results in more of the wax being burnished and brought to a luster. Often, when buffing by hand on porous surfaces, a cloth or lamb?s wool rides above and glides on the high points. These high points are burnished, but the lows are left untouched.

That is why when buffed and burnished with “The Burnisher” there is more luster because in actuality more surface area of the wax has been burnished.

Remember, if you are trying to achieve a high, hard lustrous wax finish, the key is applying an optimally thin coat / film or application. It is this thin film which should then be buffed and burnished to a luster. Excess wax needs to be removed, and makes for streaks and a gummy wax film which easily ?prints? and picks up marks, condensation rings and finger prints. Finishing waxes are at their highest, hardest luster when optimally thin.

  1. Apply the finishing wax, usually with #0000 steel wool, to a thin film, working it on to the substrate thoroughly. Leave behind as thin a film as possible
  2. Let the solvent evaporate off.
  3. Use a ribbon or pad of 4/0 fresh clean steel wool to cuff the excess wax off. Very lightly glide over the wax with the steel wool, and anywhere the wool drags or clings, this is excess wax. Cuff it off with the steel wool. Care should be taken not to remove all the wax. When the excess is removed, the wax will begin to shine.
  4. Then utilize the ‘Burnisher’ on a drill to buff and burnish. While using the ‘Burnisher’ look for any streaking or variations in the wax caused by excess wax and use the steel wool to cuff off any excess, then continue with the ‘Burnisher’.

Let the ‘Burnisher’ be the elbow grease to this part of the work.

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