Lustershield – a natural wax sheen in aerosol spray

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Lustershield (16.75 Oz Aerosol spray)

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Lustershield is a revolutionary new “surface shine and spray polish” for use in cleaning, restoring and revitalizing interior wood work and cabinetry and fine antique and reproduction finishes. Lustershield is a genuine, NATURAL WAX spray…

… ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of kitchen cabinets, coffee tables , end tables & breakfast tables.

Lustershield works especially well on hardwoods like Teak, Oak, Mahogany and Walnut, where it gives added depth to tired or jaded surfaces, commonly seen in antique and regular furniture showrooms.

Lustershield is an ‘all in one’ top coat finish for new wood, whether hard or soft, and works especially well on hard dense finishes, and very well on new finishes.

Lustershield isn’t recommended for exterior use, high moisture environments, but does work as an excellent alternative to hard paste waxes for all interior finishes and woodwork.

  • Restores Color
  • Revives Luster
  • Beautifies, Preserves and Protects
  • Quick, and easy to use
  • Makes the wood feel silky and smooth
  • Produces a semi-gloss finish on raw timber
  • Wax shine on finished wood
  • Contains no silicones
  • Fresh smell
  • Cleans and revitalizes

Lustershield Directions for use:

  1. For best results, apply a most thin film, and immediately wipe off all excess with a soft buffing rag or lint
    free cloth.
  2. Let dry, then buff and burnish. For final buffing and burnishing, excellent results will be achieved using the Lustersheen Polishing pal, in either bronze or steel wool.
  3. On some unfinished woods and substrates, two coats of Lustershield will give a more even finish than one. Always apply a second, or third application if added luster is needed. Excess product in a single application will not provide the sheen. Least is best.
  4. For touch ups or to polish chair rungs, table legs, or other small or hard to get to surfaces, spray Lustershield directly on to a cloth, and wipe the surface.
  5. Let dry and follow up by buffing with the Lustersheen Polishing Pal.

Lustershield is far superior to household sprays and other similar products, because it actually leaves a natural wax barrier.

Lustershield does not contain surfactants, soaps, or silicones.

Lustershield relies on the natural cleaning properties of the high quality selected waxes and natural oils contained in the spray.

Lustershield is not only for use as a polish and finish protectant shield, but can be used as an alternative finish on all types of timber, skirting, ceiling timbers, stripped and finished interior woodwork and doors etc.

Lustershield is a genuine, NATURAL WAX spray …

… ideal for the maintenance and cleaning of kitchen cabinets, casual and hard use cabinetry, coffee tables , end tables & breakfast tables.

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