Briwax French Polishes (1 Liter)


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Need a larger size for that bigger job? Use alot of French Polish? Try the 1 liter trade size.

Traditional french polishes are used to obtain an impressive deep gloss and smooth finish on good quality furniture. The BRIWAX polishes are to the same meticulous time proven method that has been used for centuries. They are blended from shellacs, dissolved in industrial methylated spirit or similar alcohols, varying in strength and colour, depending on the polish chosen.

LIST OF FRENCH POLISHES (Not all are available in the USA):

  • WF0102 Transparent Polish Best Quality (Pale Amber – Clear)
  • WF4104 White Polish Best Quality (Cloudy – White – 1st Quality)
  • WF0104 Special Pale Polish Best Quality (Pale Amber – Clear – Gloss)
  • WF0105 Extra Pale Polish Best Quality (Clear Pale Amber – Clear – Gloss)
  • WF4307 Button Pure Extra Quality (Cloudy – Orange – Finishing 1st Quality)
  • WF0108 Garnet Polish Best Quality (Dark Brown Translucent – Finishing 2nd Quality)
  • WF0111 Ebonite Black Polish (Black – Translucent – Finishing)
  • WF0112 Red Sanders Polish (Transparent – Red – Finishing)NOTE: Although a number of these products give a gloss finish on normal application, the use of rubber to achieve the high gloss associated with French Polish would be recommended and would be essential with “cloudy” products.

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