Lustra – The Alternative to Briwax

Lustra – the natural alternative to Briwax.
Lustersheen Wood Care Products

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Lustersheen fine furniture and wood Care products.

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Formulated in exactly the same time honored traditions as the premier polish Briwax, Lustra is a blend of natural carnauba and beeswax, made by one of Europes premier makers of fine furniture waxes.

LUSTRA, a fine European hard finishing wax, made exclusively for Lustersheen.

Exactly like Briwax, from one of Europes premier makers of fine furniture waxes. From makers who are in the know of making quality. Quality that only, in this case, the Europeans know and understand, the making of fine furniture polishes and waxes.

Available in 7 wood finish toning tints.

Clear, Light Brown, Old Pine, Dark Brown, Walnut, Cherry, Black

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