Lustersheen Paint and Varnish Remover

Lustersheen Paint & Varnish Remover is a fast and economical stripping agent for wood or metal surfaces which contains Methelyene Chloride. It is flammable too, but it works, and works well. Its' balanced blend of powerful solvents, in a thick gel, offers a heavy-bodied spray, which removes most finishes such as paint, enamel, varnish, shellac, epoxy, lacquer and acrylic. Lustersheen Paint and Varnish Remover is easier and faster to use than conventional brush-on products and washes away with water. BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE BACK LABEL WELL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. USE AND DISPOSE OF PROPERLY. 20 oz Can / 20 oz Net

* For wood or metal * Water Soluble * Clings to vertical surfaces

Stripping paint is a messy job. I have tried them all,... the green, the user friendly..., and although worth the effort, stipping paint is an unpleasnt messy task. What I have found about Lustersheen stripper is one part of the job is much easier to carry out. That is the applcation of the stripper, and more often than not, the reapplications, and spot re-applications. Spay your Lustersheen stripper on the finish to be removed, let it set as needed, and then begin the finish removal. The messy task of applying the stripper using Lustersheen Paint and Varnish Remover in spray is significantly easier.

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